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Peter Woodhead from ACT-Education Consultancy Limited

What is the difference between Confucian and Western approaches to learning? Is there room for both in the Chinese classroom? Is it enough to rely only on what we can borrow from the West? How can international schools reconnect with the rich tradition of confucian education? We will reflect on in these questions in the workshop and try to define a new direction towards learning and how this can make an International school more international.
Peter Woodhead from ACT-Education Consultancy LimitedHow to be an Effective Teacher with a Classroom Management Plan
An effective teacher has a bigger impact on students’ learning than an expensive educational initiative. To be an effective teacher you need a good classroom management plan because this builds the foundation of all pedagogies.

Classroom management is not about discipline and control. It is about creating a positive, active and challenging learning environment by establishing routines and procedures, which give students control over their learning and engage them in the learning process.

This highly experiential workshop is relevant for teachers of any grade and any subject. It is full of practical examples and sound advice about new ways of managing your classroom from next Monday! Resources include videos and the Classroom Management Tool Kit for Busy Teachers
Yamin Ma from ACT-Education Consultancy领导能力的培养和团队文化的建设