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Payment Methods

How to pay? 怎样付报名费 If you want to use Paypal for the payment, you should click the yellow box at the end of the registration page. 如果你选择用PayPal 方法付费,请在注册页的最下端左边一个黄色方框“摁”一下,这样就进入了付款程序。 If you do not want to use Paypal, you need to select “offline” payment option. Selecting “offline” box means that you register now and then arrange payment […]

Important Conference News

The 1st ICT and 2nd ICT conferences will mostly have the same team of presenters so attend either but not both! You can register for the 1st ICT Conference and then elect to pay later by electing Offline Pay. If you need an invoice then contact Peter Woodhead on peter.woodhead@gmail.com   The 1st ICT and […]

Yamin Ma in Chicago

Effective Teaching in the Chinese Classroom On December 15, 2018, Yamin Ma gave a one-day workshop to 24 Chinese teachers in Chicago, USA. The main content of the workshop was: Foreign language teaching and learning The students of today: attitudes towards learning New trends in teaching and learning The Chinese language teaching: teacher, teaching materials […]

Don Bosco Ng Siu Mui Secondary School

Peter Woodhead is working with the teachers from NSM to develop a Coffee Curriculum to support student centred self directed learning for S3 students. This  6 week unit of work aims to deliver the following goals: To create an authentic environment for improving English language skills To develop a more international outlook by studying the […]

Shen Wai International School, China

A Visit to Shen Wai International School, China On December 4, 2018, Yamin Ma had a successful visit and observed 7 Chinese teachers’ lessons ranging from primary, MYP and IB courses, with students from non-background to native Chinese. The standard of Chinese for Chinese students is very high and, though the teachers are young, they […]

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Second Language Acquisition and Foreign Language Learning On 27th November 2018, Ms. Yamin Ma was invited by Dr. Angel Chen, associate professor of Hong Kong Polytechnic University to give a talk to her MA students. The talk contributed to an MA course and around 60 students attended the session. Ms. Ma also talked about the […]

Yamin Ma at Confucius Institute, SEGI University, Malaysia

Teaching Chinese as a foreign language - What to teach and how to teach This workshop was conducted by Ms. Yamin Ma at Confucius Institute, SEGI University, Malaysia on 24th November 2018. Over 100 Chinese teachers from Malaysia, Singapore and other regions attended the training. Delegates commented that the training was inspiring and well received. […]

Principals in Manila schools meet Yamin Ma and Peter Woodhead

2018年10月23日,香港商会主席洪健雄先生促成了菲律宾侨校联会中的八位校长跟ACT-Education教育咨询公司的Peter Woodhead 和马亚敏女士在马尼拉会面,商讨在马尼拉举办创新中文教学研讨会。会议决定在ACT-Education教育咨询公司的协助下于2019年9月下旬在马尼拉举办创新中文教学研讨会。研讨会主题将包括教学理念、课程设计、教学方法、课堂管理、中文作为第一和第二语言教学等等。 Ten Principals from Manila met with Peter and Yamin to plan a Conference for Chinese teachers and identify additional professional workshops on generic classroom skills.