What We Do

ACT-Education provides advice and support for school leaders and teachers in the following areas:

  • Organising conferences for teachers of Chinese as a first, second and foreign language and building a professional learning community of Chinese teachers
  • Providing Micro Skills workshops to develop professional practice in Curriculum, Assessment and Learning Design from concept based learning to assessment for learning
  • Classroom Management – particularly for new and young teachers
  • Strategic Planning for existing or new schools. We are strongly committed to re thinking International Education to meet the needs of the New Chinese Learner and prepare them to benefit from the economic and social opportunities which will emerge in the Guangdong region.
  • School Reviews. We can review and evaluate the quality of teaching and learning and effectiveness of leadership teams
  • Strategic advice on the effective adoption of Learning Technology to enhance and extend learning and teaching
  • The development of management information systems (MIS) to enable schools to effectively monitor student progress
  • The design of new and engaging learning environments

Who We Are

Peter Woodhead

Peter Woodhead

Yamin Ma

Yamin Ma

Yamin Ma and Peter Woodhead are the founders of ACT-Education Consultancy Limited.

We both live in Hong Kong and recently retired to set up ACT-Education Consultancy Limited. Between us we have a long experience of working in International and Local schools. We share a common belief that the future is about bringing together the best of Western and Chinese approaches to teaching and learning.

Yamin has an international reputation as the author of "Chinese Made Easy" and "Easy Steps to Chinese" series of textbooks. She has a deep understanding of how to teach Chinese as a First, Second and Foreign Language

Peter has a long experience of curriculum and learning design based on over 45 years of classroom practice, teaching different subjects, beginning his career as a Chemistry teacher. He has done school reviews and written papers on the adoption of Learning Technology and enjoys sharing his experience with teachers of all ages.

We also have an extensive professional network of colleagues in schools and universities who have, at one time or other, worked with us on school projects.

What we enjoy most is sharing our knowledge and experience and connecting teachers to enable them to learn from and support each other.